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We are focused on building software with great customer experience for your users, your team, your community or yourself.

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Current products

We offer different products and Software-As-A-Service for customers with common use-cases - don't worry, you can always contact us to discuss special needs for your project.

Software As A Service

SCNXby ScootKit

SCNX - The easy way for companies and communities to create custom solutions for their Discord server


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Customizable Discord-Bot-Software as part of SCNX

The SCNX Custom-Bot - highly customizable custom multi-purpose Discord-Bot

With our open-source -software users can create hosted bots using the SCNX-Dashboard. The bot contains over 35 different modules, Custom-Commands, customizable messages and more - easily managed in the SCNX-Dashboard

Customizable Discord-Bot-Software as part of SCNX

SCNX Modmail - the most advanced Modmail-Bot - manage support-requests efficiently

SCNX Modmail - built to manage support-requests efficiently using features like claiming, ticket-topics, feedback and more. Highly customizable using the SCNX Dashboard and starting at only 3.00€ / month.

Software as a service

FeatureBoard - collect user feedback and manage it efficiently

FeatureBoard allows you to collect suggestions and bug-reports from your users. Users can upvote each others suggestions, so you can make better decisions about your projects' feature.

Custom solutions we offer

We have a lot of experience building great software for users and we are more than happy to built custom solutions of different use cases.


We can build custom interactive web-applications


We'd love to custom webpage tailored for your needs for you


We have a lot of experience building dashboards for products


We help you monetizing your existent product or service


We build you a custom Discord-Bot for your use case

Backend - and API-Development

We can build a custom API for your use case, so you don't need to

Backend - and API-Development

We can build a custom API for your use case, so you don't need to

Internal solutions

We can build internal solutions to make your team more efficient

… and more

Need something else? Just hit us up and we will find a solution

Contact our team to get a custom offer for free

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Welcome to ScootKit 👋

ScootKit - previously "SC Network" - was founded back in 2018 and is a small company from Germany. We've specialized in building Software-As-Service-Applications, just as SCNX. Our products are built with User-Experience in mind, instead of pure profit. Our team is quite small currently, as this whole thing started as a part-time-project of one high school student from Germany.

Recent news from our Company-Blog

SCNX: Important changes for the free Starter Plan

Today we're announcing new important changes for servers on the free SCNX-Starter-Plan.

New: Advertisement on SCNX

We have improved the way we allow you to advertise on SCNX - read more about these changes here is now not longer available

We are dropping support for Read more about this decision.

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We are more than happy to answer your questions, speak about a new project, offer a quote or to find a solution for your problem.